This oversized denim jacket has been combined with a printed polyester dress. It is inspired by the well-known painting by Gustav Klimt – “The Kiss” which captures the enchantment of love. The back panel has been specially treated and carefully applied to the back of the jacket. Some leather trimming encircles the focus of delight - the couple embracing. A small amount of embroidery on the right side of the panel gives a unique touch. All components on this jacket have contributed to reducing land waste.


"Kiss" Denim Jacket

SKU: 05
"Kiss": blue
  • The jacket is a Men's Size M or an Women's Size 16

  • I have been re-created with special techniques.


    Take good care of me and I will continue to be an awesome statement piece in your wardrobe.

    Please follow these care instructions -

    Do Not Dry-clean

    Hang inside out or in the shade on the line.

    Do Not Use Bleach

    Do Not Soak

    A Gentle Hand Wash Only in a Mild Detergent With Cold Water is Recommended

    Do Not Tumble Dry

    Do Not Iron the Embroidery/Feature/Painting etc.

    * This Garment Has Been Pre-loved and Any Original Care Labels Must Be Disregarded