Frida Rose shirt is a 100% cotton long sleeve Khaki shirt it has two breast pockets with button down flaps. A soft feel shirt which has been embellished with hand embroidery on the back. The embellishment is a combination of cotton and polyester. Frida's face is embroidered with forest green cotton thread. Her hair is a created with satin ribbon embroidery. The iconic head piece of red roses (made from taffeta) frame her face. The front of shirt has been adorned with strips of red and forest green braid cut from a handmade Greek table runner - a touch on the shoulder and the left and right front pockets. All components on this shirt have contributed to reducing land waste.

Frida Rose Shirt

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  • The "Frida Rose" Shirt represents the iconic character of Frida Kahlo. Go to our Blog to read more!