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Frida Kahlo

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The "Frida" Shirt represents the iconic character of Frida Kahlo. Our courage is stimulated by Frida who through the repercussions of a serious accident she discovered her gift of painting.

Other great difficulties in her life were almost insurmountable yet she showed the world that pushing through our pains we can still offer the world gifts unique to us and bring joy and freedom to others.

To drink in her courage take the time to view The 2002 movie “Frida” starring Salma Hayek.

The Frida shirt is not unlike the woman herself - the shirt had been outgrown and discarded as something no longer carrying value for one individual.

Frida was bedridden, yet her spirit did not allow her to believe her life no longer had value. She discovered ways to contribute - she was an advocate for social reform in a poor country and was most remembered for her colourful portraits which are often telling stories of deep emotion. The public appreciate her paintings as dramatic portraits with a Mexican influence. They exhibited her powerful strength -

“I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint”.

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